Friday, September 24, 2010

City Wide....

Twice a year Cleburn Texas does its city wide flea market and I just sit waiting to go. I missed last years because the weather turned bad but this year it was pretty good. My sister Brenda and Mom sat up and sold some of thier pretties and I have to say, I wanted most of Like this little girl ! She is a hat stand from Germany and was one of my favorite things I saw all weekend. I may talk her out of her one day! If she doesnt sell by then.
Her vintage jewelry was to die for also. I also loved this little perfume bottle that was protected in its own sweet little velvet box. I could use the pink crystal necklace too. ( hint hint Brenda) I am also trying my best to get her to start blogging soon and showing all the great stuff she finds! You would be amazed.

So many people commented on her French hat too. It was just adorable. It turned out to be a very nice weekend. I will show you soon , my great finds for the weekend. My green velvet euro shams for $3.00 for the pair. My sweet group of linens for only $5.00. And my little table for just $10.00.
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