Sunday, October 3, 2010

At it again

I sure am. Out searching for that perfect find. I spent the day out with my loveman at two differate flea markets. They are just a few miles apart so I am in heaven. One will focus on houseware and clothes while the other one is more of an antique market. My favorite. This is a few cute things I saw there.
I am waiting for a big yard with a porch so I can start getting some cute things ready for next spring.
I actually liked this dresser, even though the doors were gone. I thought it could be an easy fix or even just leave it as is and use it in the walk in closet. It was only $50.00...... Maybe next time.
This was my small haul for the day at this one. My cutie little metal shelf for only four dollars. Not sure if I am gonna paint it though. The pillow has a goose down insert and a steal at $1.00. The group of fabrics were ticking, and a feed sack like materials. All for $1.00. Not too bad I thought. I got Annabelle an adorable little apron for .50 cents. I will show it soon too.
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  1. Hi Belinda, great items you found, and such awesome deals! I managed to squeeze in a little yard sale hopping myself yesterday, I'll blog my find soon. Have a great day, tami

  2. You find the best, stuff! I've only visited twice and both times I left jealous. Ha! I like the idea of leaving the doors on dresser missing. Thanks for your sweet comment on my Bling Week has officially started! Hope to see you around. :)


  3. Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. I love reading all the different blogs, they are so unique and interesting. Thanks for letting me visit.